Amazon Looks for Developers For Kindle Browser

Web Monkey cites a job opening from Lab126, the division of Amazon that develops the Kindle, which indicates the company is looking for somebody to develop “an innovative embedded web browser” for a consumer product. Given that the current browser for the Kindle is definitely lacking, it's not exactly a big jump to assume Amazon is looking to develop something a little more up to date to allow the Kindle to better compete with the competition.

Applicants must have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field, three or more years experience in Java, familiarity in Web standards, experience working with browser engines and experience working with embedded devices on Linux.

According to the posting, the role will involve "designing and implementing new features on the browser and supporting and maintaining the implementations of the current browser."

Read up on the job posting here.

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  • So a simple firefox/IE/whatever plugin would not suffice?
  • lightsaber
    Now if it can support Flash the i-maxipad is in trouble!!!
  • dman3k
    lightsaberNow if it can support Flash the i-maxipad is in trouble!!!
    Who cares about that useless tablet? When did that tablet from Apple suddenly became the measuring stick for tablets?

    Tablet PCs have been out for a long time. Keyboardless tablets have been out for a long time too.