AMD CMO Nigel Dessau Leaving Company

There have been rumors last week that Dessau could be leaving the company and today we got the confirmation via a blog post published by Dessau on AMD's website. The post, which offers some predictions for AMD in 2012 reads:

"I too find myself at an inflection point. While I am truly excited by the prospects for AMD, there are projects in my life outside of AMD that offer me compelling opportunities. As some of you know, one of those projects is the website The 3 Minute Mentor; I have been planning a book based on the website for some time. […] "I will remain at AMD to assist with marketing organization transitions and the 2012 planning cycle. After that, I will put on my shades and head off into the Texas sun."

A unnamed source with AMD told us that some additional changes may soon be coming. A good chunk of the marketing team was served pink slips earlier this year, shortly after Read's arrival, when 10 percent of AMD's workforce was waved goodbye. Among the laid off was corporate fellow and corporate vice president Patrick Moorhead, who has moved on and has become a member of the blogging world and founded business consulting firm Moor Insights & Strategy.

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  • Anonymous
    everyone is getting MAD
  • chumly
    Quick! Jump off the boat before it sinks!
  • phatbuddha79
    sinking ship...maybe they should've named the chip Titanic instead of Bulldozer, would've been more fitting.