Apple's Co-founder Unhappy With Apple TV, IPhone, MacBook Air...

Sydney (Australia) - If you have co-founded a company and spent a better part of your life in it, does that mean you need to adore every product that came out of the company? If you ask Steve Jobs, one part of the famous duo that created Apple, the answer is yes. You should even adore those products and religiously buy them as soon as they are released.

But then again, Steve Wozniak never was your typical co-founder. This engineer by profession and hobby-prankster provides a healthy dose of criticism if something is wrong. Woz came to the Land of Oz (and koalas) in order to give a keynote speech at a broadband conference and after the conference, Woz opened his mind and heart to fellow journalists, and his comments were more than interesting.

You can see here ... on APCMAG, what Woz had to say about iPhone, MacBook Air and Apple TV. Be warned, if you are an Apple fan, we're not responsible for any damage this read causes to your soul.

  • I wonder how a company as big as apple can be so careless about customer care..I guess they have all made enough money they no longer need to care about a quality product or customer service.
  • Any engineer would have doubts about products where you can't really fix things.

    I find it unbelievable that buyers will tolerate -- and Apple alone have the nerve to sell -- a mobile phone without a user replaceable battery. If I interpreted correctly a wrecked and incomplete iPhone I found, even the SIM is locked inside the case.