iPhone 5 'Most Difficult Device' Foxconn's Ever Assembled

One of the reasons why the iPhone 5 is in short supply is due to Apple supplier Foxconn stating that the smartphone is the "most difficult device" it has ever assembled.

An unnamed official told the Wall Street Journal that the design process involved with making the handset light and thin is "very complicated." As well as calling the iPhone "the most difficult device that Foxconn has ever assembled," the official stressed that its factory employees are apparently still learning how to build the smartphone.

He did, however, note that workers are getting better at assembling the phone. "Practice makes perfect," he said.

The official also discussed widespread reports pertaining to the iPhone 5 being vulnerable to scratches. He explained that the new coating utilized on the iPhone 5 is more prone to scratches, but the supplier is undergoing a process to check for such damage.

Apple Senior Marketing VP Phil Schiller had called the scratches "normal," telling one owner of the recently released phone that "any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color."

Due to the supply shortage of the device, analysts have lowered their forecasts for iPhone sales, as well as stressing that it'll have a negative impact on Apple's quarterly financial results, which will be revealed on October 25.

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  • greghome
    Aren't all iPhones the 'Most Difficult Device' Foxconn's Ever Assembled.
    Every generation the same "news" comes out.

    Dear Zak Islam, did BoM hire you to advertise for Apple? None of your articles seem to even remotely stray away from Apple inc.
  • jhansonxi
    Once again, TH is flooded with stupid gossip about (name of disliked company) instead of real news about (name of liked company). Obviously (reporter's name) is a shill.
  • memadmax
    It's difficult because the workers are always jumping out the windows ^.^ >_>
  • fuzzion
    the new coating utilized on the iPhone 5 is more prone to scratches
    A mate had it for 5 days before the back had a few ugly and visible scratches.

  • The Greater Good
    He did, however, note that workers are getting better at assembling the phone. "Practice makes perfect," he said.

    Hear that? If you have an iPhone 5 right now, you've got a "practice" iPhone. Congrats! Apple quality right there.
  • Well it is normal for a product of that kind of quality,scratch prone...check...loose of signal....check....camera flaws ....check....sheeps captive....check....charge bigger check....lol
  • re: "iPhone 5 'Most Difficult Device' Foxconn's Ever Assembled"

    so difficult that they had to get children to do it ;)

  • Personalty im losing respect for Tomshardware or as i like to call it now Zak's apple.

    I mean if Apple has some news great. Something worth posting super. But do you really need to post about everything? I mean you would post about how Tim Cook took a crap this morning and it was just so awesome you went and waited in line for your icrap. Your the poster boy for the apple fanboys.
  • tobalaz
    My brother just got his iPone 5 yesterday. The sales clerk really pushed it as the most "user friendly" smartphone out there.
    Its his first smartphone, and I worked with him for over 4 hours showing him how to use it.
    He can't stand Siri, Maps or the fact it won't let him download free apps without a credit card on his Apple account (he's a trucker and afraid someone will steal his phone and run up charges).

    I've got an Android EVO 4g, he used it for an hour.
    I've got mine pretty customized with widgits so its pretty easy to use in comparison in its current state (but not by default). Also, with Google Play you don't need a card to download apps.

    It took just one full day and he's returning it for a Galaxy S3. I promised I'd load the same widgits on there for him.

    But hey, its a pretty phone.
  • stingstang
    Why wouldn't the most technological and compressed phone NOT be the hardest to make? Why is this unexpected?