How to get motivated for work

Companies these days have to go to great lengths to keep their employees excited about a brand and their job. This especially applies to quickly expanding economies such as China. Blogger Tian got his hands on what is apparently a strategy Intel uses in China for internal training purposes and to "boost employee morale during daily morning exercises."

As it seems, Intel has come up with a happy song with the title "Intel cares," which serves many cliches you would expect from such a song. You can listen to the song at:

Using a rhythm that also could have made the Oktoberfest charts in the 1960s, Intel assures employees of the firm's, Intel assures employees of the firm's "happy family," its "perfection," and that the company leads "all the way."

We have not received confirmation from Intel that this song in fact is used by the company in China.

External link: Tian's blog