Lenovo's 10-inch Miix 2 Tablet Launches Early with Higher Price

One of the many, many products that Lenovo introduced at CES in Las Vegas earlier this month was the Miix 2, a 2-in-1 convertible tablet based on Windows 8.1 and due out in March/April. Today, Lenovo surprised us with the early release of the 10-inch model.


The 10-inch model was originally scheduled for launch in March starting at $499. Now, we love when a company beats out its own release date, especially when it's months early as opposed to a few days or weeks. However, it seems there's also been a bit of a change in price. The models available on Lenovo's website are priced at $699 and $749. We've reached out to Lenovo to find out what's going on, so we'll let you know as soon as we hear back. Needless to say, such a huge increase in price certainly makes this device a lot less appealing.

The Miix 2 packs a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 resolution display with 10-point touch input, and 178 wide viewing angles. This screen is powered by a quad-core Intel Atom SoC, 2 GB of LPDDR3 RAM, and a battery that Lenovo claims offers eight hours of life on a single charge. Storage includes up to 128 GB of internal space and an SD card slot for 32 GB of additional storage. The tablet portion also has JBL-designed stereo speakers while the keyboard dock features a subwoofer, one mini HDMI port, one micro USB port, and one integrated USB 2.0 connector. For photos and video conferencing there's a 2MP camera on the front and a 5MP camera on the back of the device. As far as connectivity is concerned, the Miix 2 has both Wireless N and Bluetooth 4.0. The tablet on its own weighs a mere 1.3 pounds, whereas the keyboard dock adds another 0.97 pounds.

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  • Wisecracker
    Lenovo re-directed your link ... but the Miix 2 is still listed under tablets, and at $599 - $699 (32GB - 64GB)

    It likely arrived early so it wouldn't be Temash'd :)

  • ananke
    At this high price this is DOA
  • zodiacfml
    With that resolution on a windows tablet, the price is competitive. Asus with their t100 only has 1366x768. Price would drop fast since most consumers wouldn't notice the high resolution advantage.
  • fyend
    The two models are $499 and $599 on Lenovo.com FYI
  • chumly
    I got an 11.3" Lenovo Lynx K3011 tablet with Windows 8 on it for $250. No regrets. That Bay Trail SoC looks really nice though. I bet you these will come way down in a few months.