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Chip-less Mod Tool Leaked for Nintendo Wii.

With all the raging and ranting about piracy going around these days – developers getting miffed about losing profits to piracy and people voiding warranties just so they don’t have to pay for games. Now you can mod your Wii to play your game backups without cracking open the case.

The new chip-less mod for the Wii recently popped up in some obscure forums and other tech sites and the links to download the tools required were axed shortly after. Maybe it is that the links are getting hit too hard and don’t work right now or big brother has stepped in and is trying to shut things down.

None the less, the instructions that have popped up on a few sites are as follows:

«Patch the ISO with the .EXE that comes in the download»

«Install the CIOS on your Wii»

«Install DVDX. Go to Advance and choose 249»

«Install Wii loader»

«Burn the patched ISO with ImgBurn»

«Run the loader»

The link to download the tools at GBATemp no longer works – however those intuitive enough with Google could easily locate functioning links. You can also find working links in comments sections of sites that have noted this news as well. I was able to locate three working links within a few minutes. However, since we are not in the business of linking things like that around here I must regret to inform you will find no links to download these tools here.

The original author of this project has announced that he as "officially" dropped the whole and will not continue working on it. However he has demonstrated that a chip-less mod can be done and it someone is definitely bound to pickup where he left off. We are sure that the community will be keeping their eyes peeled.

Link to article on Gizmodo with comments section.