IP Company Goes After Power Management in Smartphones

St. Clair alleges that the Android smartphones and tablets made by LG, Motorola Mobility and Samsung violate six of its patents:

5,630,163: Computer having a single bus supporting multiple bus architectures operating with different bus parameters
5,710,929: Multi-state power management for computer systems
: Multi-mode power switching for computer systems
: Computer activity monitor providing idle thread and other event sensitive clock and power control
: System and method of computer operating mode control for power consumption reduction
: Mappable functions from single chip/multi-chip processors for computers

The filed patent infringement lawsuits are expansions of a first wave that was filed in November of 2010. St. Clair also sued Apple, RIM and in a camera related patent in 2009. The company has been rather successful with its patent suits and won $25 million in a suit against Sony Electronics and Sony Corporation of America in 2003. In 2004, the company was awarded $34.7 million in a dispute with Canon USA. There was no information on the 2010 suits against Apple, RIM and HTC.

As it is frequently the case, St. Clair has not been the original inventor of any of the patents in question. However, it has been in possession of all patents mentioned in its latest patent infringement suits since June of 2000.

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  • N.Broekhuijsen
    GTFO Patent troll
  • mauller07
    All of those patents sound like functionality The majority of hardware and O/S's have had since the 80's.

    It is just getting ridiculous how such flimsy patents can be handed out to companies, especially those that do not produce or even research being able to hold onto patents.

    Patents were meant to help protect companies research and development from being exploited by other companies, not to allow people to make money for no work they had done.
  • mrmaia
    Ahhhh the patents. Soon someone will patent the use of screens and buttons, and will immediately start sueing all over.