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Patent Troll Goes After Intel, IBM, TI, Micron, Samsung

Semcon claims that all defendants are using a variant of chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP), referred to as an Applied Materials Reflexion CMP system that violates its patent 7,156,717.

Semcon Tech is a Texas-based company with little to no corporate history that appears to be incorporated for the reason to monetize this specific patent. According to the USPTO, the patent in question was awarded in 2007 to Charles Molnar of Beaver Creek Concepts, and transferred to Semcon Tech on November 30, 2011. Semcon shares its address with other entities that recently filed patent infringement suits, including CyberFone Systems. Semcon's law firm is Wilmington, Delaware-based Bayard, P.A.

The lawsuit does not specifically mention any products of the defendants that allegedly violate the patent, but states that the companies import and sell products in the U.S. that, "upon belief", infringe Semcon's IP. The patent troll is asking the court to award damages, costs and expenses. At the very least, Semcon is asking for "reasonable royalty for the use made of the invention."