Qualcomm Proximity Beacons Now Commercially Available

Qualcomm this week announced the commercial availability of Gimbal, its proximity beacons that allow companies to interact with customers via their smartphones.

Gimbal beacons are Bluetooth access points that help shops deliver content to users' devices and support both iOS and Android. Shops can manage their Gimbal beacons using Gimbal manager and send discounts and other offers to customers' devices as well as other contextually relevant content.

Right now, Qualcomm has two variations of the Gimbal beacon: the Series 20, which is available for as little as $10 per unit and measures 95 x 102 x 24 mm, and the Series 10, which is available for as little as $5 per unit and measures 28 x 40 x 5.6 mm.  The more expensive Series 20 is weatherproof, and both models are accurate to one foot.

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  • vpoko
    Reason #25 to keep Bluetooth disabled on my phone.
  • Dan_H
    So, how much do you think they will charge for the app to stop this intrusive crap?
  • fractal123
    So now an assassination drone will be able to target you with one-foot precision.