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Samsung Working on Galaxy Gear 2 for 1Q 2014

Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch hasn't even gone retail and there's already talk of a second-generation unit currently in the works. Granted, development of the next version isn't surprising given how tech companies churn out refreshes each year; what's surprising is that this latest rumor suggests a 1Q 2014 release.

Unnamed sources in Korea claim that not only is Samsung cranking out the Galaxy Gear 2, but it could be announced either during CES 2014 in January or during Mobile World Congress 2014 in February. Both seem highly unlikely at this point, but the company did recently indicate that the current Galaxy Gear is the first of many models in the works, so the rumored dates could be possible.

"We generally make several hundreds of designs, and even after we make the final decision we refine it several hundred times," said Dong-hoon Chang, executive vice president and head of the design strategy team at Samsung corporate. "I cannot give you the exact numbers [of Galaxy Gear designs considered], but it’s in the number of three digits."

The announcement of the current Galaxy Gear was rather disappointing given that it's only compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, and the S3 and S4 after the Android 4.3 update. The name should have been a big clue, but surprising nonetheless given Sony's competing SmartWatch 2, which launched on September 9, isn't brand specific.

Samsung's new Galaxy Gear 2 watch reportedly won't be quite so limited. Sources claim that the smartwatch may be compatible with all Android smartphones, and could even sport GPS functionality. If that's indeed the case, expect a device that may be lacking features that only a Samsung Galaxy phone/tablet/smartwatch relationship can provide. The sequel watch may even cost less.

The current Galaxy Gear device will be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 3 in more than 140 countries starting September 25. AT&T began accepting pre-orders on Monday while T-Mobile will begin on Wednesday. Both follow Verizon Wireless, which began taking pre-orders for a $600 bundle and a two-year contract (opens in new tab). The smartwatch is expected to sell for around $299. 

  • rocknrollz
    Samsung realized how not so great their first gen was, and is now going to fix it as soon as possible. And they will not pull the first gen, as it would probably look bad.
  • Cons29
    not excited about these, whether its apple or samsung or whoever.
    if i wear one, it would have scratches within the week. and i dont like the idea of having to recharge a watch (yes yes it's more than just a watch)
  • dimar
    I'm going to skip smartwhatch tech alltogether, and wait for the holographic arm tools.
  • teh_chem
    Stop it. Please.
  • laststop311
    I don't think this watch will be a new generation to the current watch, it may just be a more watered down less featured watch the works with every android phone and is a little bit cheaper, tho I am not sure what features are samsung specific on the current galaxy gear that prevent it from working with all phones but whatever those features are they will be dropped and a less complex cheaper galaxy gear may come out. It will exist along side the current galaxy gear and not be a new generation meant to replace it as that makes zero sense.
  • CrArC
    Meanwhile, Omate TrueSmart kickstarter is just about to finish... last chance to get a smartwatch that doesn't need a phone to work properly (until it hits retail, anyway). Much cheaper than Galaxy Gear AFAIK as well!
  • CrArC
  • CrArC

    Does anyone at Toms actually know how much this new system sucks? Do they care?

    Wish they would switch to Disqus or something.
  • shin0bi272
    LOL @ CrArC I agree with you 100%

    I have a Casio G-shock watch. I got the little brother to the pathfinder because I didnt want to spend 200+ dollars on a watch that told me barometric pressure, temperature (inaccurately), and tidal information just to get a watch with the features I did want. What are those features you ask? Solar powered, auto setting, and of course water and shock proof.

    That leads me to ask why cant these smart watches at least be partially solar powered? Not that Im big into "green" tech but if it works or even helps and its not prohibitively expensive... why not?