Sandisk announces microSD-miniSD-SD combo packs

Barcelona (Spain) - At the 3GSM World Conference in Spain, Sandisk introduced a new SD card product that will be making its way to the US next month. The new microSD Multi SD Kit includes a a microSD card that comes with both a miniSD and standard SD card adapters.

Sandisk says it wants to reduce consumer confusion over the microSD and miniSD formats, which are used alternatively in portable electronics like cell phones and MP3 players. With the adapters, consumers are able to use the microSD card in a regular microSD slot, or in a miniSD slot or a regular SD card reader. It would also be useful for users who switch back and forth between the three formats a lot, as the data can all stay on the same card.

Typically, microSD and miniSD cards come standard with a regular SD adapter for easy storage management, but the microSD/miniSD adapter is rarely seen, and until now have not been put in one package together, claims Sandisk.

Sandisk did not disclose pricing details, though there is likely going to be a premium over standard microSD/miniSD costs. The kits will be available in 512 MB, 1 GB, and 2 GB capacities when they make their retail launch in the US in March.