Tom’s Hardware Smartphone Ratings: You Be the Judge

Tom’s Hardware would like your input on the latest flagship smartphones. Specifically, we would like you to rate them and tell us what you like and dislike about each. Our plan is to use your ratings (averaged, of course) when we review some of these phones, or in some of our comparison tables. Depending on the volume and quality of written feedback, we may even use some of the commentary within our articles.

The idea here is to augment our own testing and experience with that of the Tom’s community in order to organize and present some of the diverse feedback we often get on a product-by-product basis on nearly every category we cover. We’d like to do this on more categories, but this is a start and a fairly simple way to test the concept.

We aren’t looking for full-fledged reviews here. We’ve created simple Google forms for each product. Give it a rating, and then add a short pithy comment or two.

Most important, please only rate those phones with which you’ve had direct experience. We’re not asking you to rate products based on the idea of them. And this also isn’t the place to be a hater, or to game things to support your fanboi-ism. If you want to sound off for or against the iPhone, you can do that in our upcoming iPhone 6 reviews. If you want to bash Android, we’ve got reviews coming up on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the OnePlus One, among others, so have at it (and at us, and at each other) there.

We also realize that this list represents mostly expensive flagship phones, and that many of us either can’t afford or refuse to pay $600 or more (on or off contract) for one of these monstrosities. Our intent isn’t to suggest that these are the only solutions, but to provide a baseline for comparison. We’ve inserted a couple affordable options as well, namely the OnePlus One and Motorola Moto X. Links to the rating forms for each follow — and thank you in advance for helping out. You’re not just helping us, but inevitably also each other.

Samsung Galaxy S5
OnePlus One
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
HTC One M8
Motorola Moto X

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Fritz Nelson
Fritz Nelson is Editor-at-Large of Tom's Hardware US.
  • Barantos1
    Not seeing a Blackberry passport listed on there.
  • Kozak
    This list is invalid without representation from BlackBerry.
  • ldogg1981
    I would like to see more phones included. Especially some of the cheaper phones with decent specs. Bluphone, etc... Some people don't want to pay $800 for an unsubsidized phone or sign a 2 year contract and still pay $200 for a phone.
  • the great randini
    were is the nokia lumia 1520 :{ if I am mistaken only one phone (htm8) has a faster cpu 2.4 quad vs 2.2 flagship my ...
  • the great randini
    were is the nokia lumia 1520 :{ if I am mistaken only one phone (htm8) has a faster cpu 2.4 quad vs 2.2 flagship my ...
  • ZolaIII
    I don't see nothing even remotely interesting to me on that list. A 1000$+ phone's with old hardware, Note 4 with unusefull display resolution that is overkill for pore Mali T760 MP4 & highly overpriced iPhones with OS that I hate & consumer wallet burning store, otherwise good hardware specs except RAM.
  • RedJaron
    Not a single Nokia Lumia model listed? No Windows Phone or Blackberry?
  • Mac266
    A friend of mine has an S5, it seems ok, but it's just too big. Add to that the bulk of a case.
  • TechnoD
    I am disappointed that Tom's would create a best smartphone poll without any Lumia/Windows Phone devices listed. As a Windows Phone user myself, I can tell you that the interface is slick, responsive, and very intuitive. Its a shame I can't tell others about it on this poll.
  • Samer1970
    Black Berry and Windows phones missing ...

    not fair !!!

    this article should be delayed until the Nexus 6 is released.