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Sony CEO Believes PS4 Will be More Profitable Than PS2

In a corporate strategy meeting, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai showed his confidence in PlayStation 4's performance, to the point where he claims that Sony's newest console can surpass the success that the company's best-selling console—the PlayStation 2—had.

"It is likely that PS4 will become the platform which exceeds the profits earned with PS2," stated Hirai.

The PlayStation 4 has so far sold 7 million units worldwide last year, a far cry from the 155 million units that the PlayStation 2 has sold. However, Hirai's confidence in the PlayStation 4 doesn't mean he believes that the PlayStation 4 is going to outpace the PlayStation 2's unit sales. Rather, the PlayStation 4 has different revenue streams to tap into, such as digital sales.

This is all good news, considering the dismal state that Sony is in. Last year, it lost $1.24 billion USD and the company projects it's going to lose another $500 million USD.