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Wolfenstein Released in Germany Without Nazi References

The Wolfenstein franchise will be releasing for the first time in Germany with Machine Games's The New Order with one difference: every trace of Nazism in the game will be removed.

Wolfenstein has historically never been released in Germany because it's centered on the player fighting the Nazi regime. As a result, the game is riddled with Nazism. However, the series has never been able to set foot in Germany, because German law forbids the use of any Nazi symbolism. To prevent Wolfenstein from releasing in Germany, PC releases of the games have always been geo-locked.

"In Germany, we've removed all Nazi symbols and references. Unlike films and other works of art, video games in Germany are forbidden to use such symbols and references as they are classified in Germany as toys and not media art," states Bethesda head of PR Pete Hines.

Nazis in The New Order will be not-so-subtly replaced with The Regime.