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Apple Drops Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Patent Claim

Apple has withdrawn patent infringement allegations against Samsung's Galaxy S3 Mini based on a condition that will prevent the South Korean electronics giant to not sell the phone in the U.S.

The former detailed the agreement in a filing with the U.S. District Court for Northern California. It had requested during November 2012 that the smartphone and other Samsung products should be added to the ongoing patent dispute between the two rivals.

Samsung stressed that its Galaxy S3 Mini was unavailable for purchase in the U.S. However, Apple pointed towards the fact that the device was listed on Amazon's U.S. website and had been purchased and delivered to a number of U.S. addresses.

"Apple will agree to withdraw without prejudice its request to include the Galaxy S III Mini in this case given Samsung's representation that it is not making, using, selling, offering to sell, or importing that product into the United States," the iPhone maker said.

Apple were recently denied a permanent ban on Samsung devices in the U.S., but the latter was refused a new trailer pertaining to the former's $1.05 billion court case win.

Following the judge's ruling, Samsung withdrew its sales injunction requests against certain Apple product in Europe in order to "protect consumer choice."