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G.Skill Launches RipjawsZ Quad-Channel Memory Kits

The new G.Skill memory kits utilize the latest Intel XMP 1.3 standard developed for the X79 platform on its DDR3 1866Mhz and up kits. XMP 1.3 is designed to provide PC enthusiasts a "trouble free overclocking experience" to boost their X79 systems to "extreme" levels of performance, while maintaining system stability. G.Skill claims it has the fastest quad-channel memory kits with its 64 GB kit @ DDR3 2133 MHz 64 GB (8 GB x8) 1.50V XMP 1.3, 32 GB kit @ DDR3 2400 MHz 32 GB (8 GB x4) 1.65V XMP 1.3, and 16 GB kit @ DDR3 2500 MHz 16 GB(4 GB x4) 1.65V XMP 1.3.

The quad-channel kits are available in a wide range of frequencies, timings and capacities. Users can pick up kits from DDR3 1333 MHz to DDR3 2500 MHz, with timings ranging from CL 8-8-8-24 to CL 11-11-11-30. Capacities are available from 8 GB (2 GB x4), 16 GB (4 GB x4), 32 GB (4 GB x8 or 8 GB x4), or 64 GB (8 GB x8). All the kits come in G.Skill's standard black or red colors, with voltage requirements at 1.65V or below.

All G.Skill memory products come with a lifetime warranty.