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Elektrobiblioteka Takes the E-Book to a Whole New Level

With the rapidly growing pool of eBook readers and tablets flooding the market, physical books are becoming less and less appealing. While its doubtful the eBook will bring the book to complete extinction, book sales have certainly taken a hit over the years. But that doesn't mean they can't work together. One designer has taken it upon himself to blur the lines between digital and print with Elektrobiblioteka.

Designed by Poland Academy of Fine Arts student Waldek Wegrzyn, Elektrobiblioteka is a half-art half-peripheral device that lets users control their computer with a book. While you definitely won't be able to control your desktop with the device, the book interacts particularly well with its coupled application. The book device is essentially used as a controller to interact with a digital eBook. Turning a page in the book switches pages in the app and tapping graphics in the book bring about animations or videos in the app.

Since creating the physical book isn't the easiest of tasks, it's hard to see how this concept would make its way into the market. Either way, the idea is definitely an interesting one and explores a potential relationship between magazines, books and their digital counterparts.

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