Elon Musk: Apple Likely to Lose to Google in Smartphone Market Without Steve Jobs

Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk says without Steve Jobs, Apple will likely ultimately lose to Google in the smartphone market.

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk was quoted at a government-sponsored roundtable in London saying that Apple will likely lose out to Google in the smartphone market "because (former Apple CEO Steve) Jobs is out of the picture."

He added that "it really makes a difference who runs the company. (Google CEO) Larry Page is quite good and probably in the long run will come out on top."

Musk's comments follows Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak expressing his worry that Microsoft might be more creative than Apple and the latter will eventually show signs of decline due to its lack of innovation. An analyst had also said the firm's creativity is "sputtering".

Current CEO Tim Cook, meanwhile, has been criticized for his apparent lack of leadership skills, as well as being a technology "lightweight".

Android has been increasing its smartphone market share quarter-over-quarter, with iOS seeing its share decrease due to the emergence of various handsets powered by Google's platform. During the third quarter of 2012, Android was installed on 72.4 percent of all smartphones.


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