Microsoft Looking for a Program Manager for Cloud Gaming

According to a job posting on Microsoft’s Careers website, the company is currently looking for a Project Manager / Producer to help “drive future initiatives in cloud gaming” and create “new AAA player experiences driven by the cloud.” The position also involves working with Studios Publishing to drive “specifications, design material and requirements” and working with a range of domestic and international partners.

Though cloud gaming has yet to gain any meaningful traction, the technology holds enormous promise. For that reason alone, we’re excited to see what comes from both this announcement and Sony’s $380 million acquisition of Gaikai last year and its integration into the upcoming Playstation 4 console.

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  • wanderer11
    I can't imagine the ping you would get trying to play a competitive "cloud" game. It would probably be measured in seconds instead of ms.
  • edogawa
    I hate cloud gaming, I thought Onlive was super neat when I tried it, but it's the lowest form of gaming in my opinion.
    You have no control over your games which means no tweaking, modding, good graphics, terrible delays, no physical copies, etc. You're just a client accessing a remote computer with a controller...
    I certainly hope cloud gaming goes away, but unlikely.
  • hoofhearted
    What do I think of cloud gaming? The cloud that poofs out of my ass.