Enermax Introduces the Coenus Mid-Tower Case

Enermax has launched the Coenus ECA3920 mid-tower chassis, the first release in the company's new line of mid-range enclosures. The ECA3920 supports ATX-sized motherboards, three dual slot graphics cards, three 5.25" drives and up to seven 3.5"/2.5" solid state drives. Also included is a full-cover acrylic side panel, 30 mm of clearance for "easy backside cable routing" and dual internal USB 3.0 ports.

Similar to the previously announced Fulmo ST, the Coenus ECA3920 features a "three-dimensional black iron mesh" on the front panel for "optimal cooling," can fit up to six cooling fans, and has a rubber padded PSU and slot with a removable dust filter.

The Enermax Coenus ECA3920 will be available in a choice of two colors: gun-metal gray and jet black. We expect further information on pricing and availability to be released in the near future.

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  • patrick47018
    Looks nice but I will stick with my Azza 1000R, its a great case for not a lot of cash
  • murzar
    A little too many Enermax articles.
  • slomo4sho
    Towers, towers, and more towers... still looking for greater diversity in case design.