Enermax Teases its CeBIT Announcements

Enermax looks set to impress at this year's CeBIT with a range of product offerings. First we have the company's new lineup of silent PSUs that feature heatsinks instead of cooling fans, fully modular cabling and 80 Plus Platinum Compliance. Although further details on pricing and availability are still pending, we do know that the new PSUs will be available with a variety of outputs ranging from 500 to 700 W. 

Following on from the PSUs are Enermax's new range of gaming orientated chassis including the Fulmo ST ATX mid-tower which has room for 240 mm radiators, internal liquid cooling loops, space for 3 graphics cards and ten 3.5 / 2.5" drive bays. The Fulmo ST is expected to arrive on store shelves in April 2013.

Finally we have the DreamBass Cooler which is an interesting combination of laptop cooler, USB soundcard and stereo speaker that can handle a maximum of 15.6" notebooks. This device is intended to offer audio quality that will "do justice to bass" and accordingly holds sets of drivers that handle lows and mids, and tweeters for the highs.

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  • hero1
    Make a revision of the Fulmo GT with the same window and we'll be talking! Nice looking case Enermax.
  • merikafyeah
    The case in the picture looks very nice. But once again, Toms, work on your zoom feature.