It's Too Soon For a Motorola Nexus, Says Google

Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page has stressed that it's too soon to release a Nexus manufactured by one of its subsidiaries, Motorola.

The search engine giant had previously stated that Motorola wouldn't receive preferential treatment over partners, including Samsung, LG or Asus in regards to developing either a new Nexus smartphone or tablet.

When discussing Google's plan on releasing a Motorola Nexus device in the future and why one hasn't been announced thus far, Page told Fortune during an interview that not enough time has passed since the former's $12.5 billion acquisition of the firm.

"First of all, I don't think there's any physical way we could have released a Nexus Motorola device in that sense," he explained. "I mean, we haven't owned the company long enough."

Since bringing Motorola Mobility under its network of subsidiaries last year, the manufacturer has released various Android smartphones including the Razr Maxx and Razr HD.

"Exactly what we do, which devices we do, what the timing is, how we release the software with them, all those things have been changing," he added. "Every day we kind of evaluate how do we help our partners out the right way. How do we produce amazing innovative devices... and how do we keep our partners happy. I think we've done a pretty good job of that so far."

In addition to closing down a number of Motorola's local websites, Google recently added to the 4000 former employees already made redundant from the former -- alongside a third of its 90 offices around the world being closed -- by shutting down the smartphone manufacturer's South Korea operations, subsequently leading to 500 job cuts in the process.


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  • house70
    How about next year, Google? Come on!

    PS. Maybe you can convince Motorola to get some good screens from LG or Samsung. Other than that, a MaxxHD (maybe full HD) has the right potential.
  • g00fysmiley
    I would love a nexus from morotolla but would plead with google/motorolla to add sd card slots, yes it is not as fast as onboard memory but for media usage it is great. not everybody has the luxury of being in an area where we cna realistically utilize 4g or a fast 3g connection on a regular basis so unless on wifi cloud storage just isn't usable for the average consumer. wanted to buy my wife a nexus 4 but with so little memory and no expandability... yea it has cloud storage that comes with it but what good is that when you can't acess it due to connection speed and battery drain while doign it.. ultimatly we are just waiting for somethign else to show up in the market.
  • amdwilliam1985
    Can't we have the multi-Nexus program like what was rumored before? Android 5 launch with 5 Nexus phones(rather than devices to exclude tablets). Do it next year at mid-year, pretty please~
    This way, all OEMs will have the equal chance of getting first taste of Android core codes.