Nexus 4 Update Removes Unofficial 4G LTE Support

When Google announced the Nexus 4, many were surprised that the phone didn't come with support for 4G LTE. Fast forward to the launch and early teardowns indicated that the phone did have a 4G chip, it just wasn't in use. However, back in November, one Canadian early adopter figured out a way to get that 4G chip up and running despite the fact that the Nexus 4 lacks a signal amplifier and filter. Xda-developers user a1jatt was able to force the phone to run on Telus 1700MHz and 2100MHz from the phone’s debugging menu.

Unfortunately, it seems Google is shutting the party down. AnandTech reports that Google has killed off the band 4 support in Android 4.2.2. This means Canadians, and anyone else who managed to get the 4G working on their Nexus 4, will be out of luck once they update. Selecting LTE Only in settings is futile, as the phone reverts back to 'WCDMA Preferred' and won't latch onto the LTE network the way it used to.

Google never intended for the Nexus 4 to be a 4G device, so it's not really surprising that the company has removed users' ability to force the phone to utilize that 4G chip. Still, users will no doubt be disappointed to lose their 4G connectivity after just a couple of months.

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  • Azn Cracker
    no! starting to sound like apple
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  • Azn Cracker
    no! starting to sound like apple
  • Silent Ricochet
    I really don't understand why Google wouldn't want their device to be 4G capable. If they had intended this all along, why even include a chip? Either way, for the people that enabled 4G on their Nexus 4s using that trick stated above, the solution is simple. Don't update. Chances are, if you have the ability / know how or even the urge to enable it in the first place, you're probably running a ROM different from stock and the update won't affect you anyways.
  • hewettbr
    there's rules and regulations involved, but there's a workaround anyhow, you just have to use an older modem version.