Sony to Put PlayStation Suite On Third Party Devices

Sony's already got the PlayStation Suite on its own Xperia Play smartphone and Sony tablets but the company has said that it is currently 'in discussions' to bring the suite to other, third party devices.

Engadget cites Sony's Kazuo Hirai as saying that the company's PlayStation division is working to expand the PlayStation Suite platform to a wider range of non-Sony devices. Speaking at the All Things D conference in Hong Kong, Hirai said he wasn't interested in keeping everything within Sony.

"This isn't an ecosystem where we want to keep everything within the Sony family," said Mr. Hirai. "This is not just for Sony devices."

Though Hirai didn't mention any specific partners or manufacturers, we're hoping that this means we'll be seeing the PlayStation suite on a whole mess of Android smartphones and, more importantly, tablets.

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  • de5_Roy
    agree with the mess part.:D
    wonder how many sony xperia play phones sold.
    next device to sport ps suite might be p stab/ ps late/ pspad/ playstab tablets, use them with the new ps4.
    sony-haters will have more devices to attack.
  • elcentral
    for me the psp phone is all the wrong move its kinda going half ass phone half ass gaming unit and for me its all or nothing. the new psp vita if it can call ppl on it i might actually get it cuss its actually going for it
  • Daguava
    I could see this being a good move for sony. Nintendo is ignoring the smartphone market for games, and Microsoft is working on it's windows phone, leaving a good spot for Sony to settle in and sell some games, assuming they don't mess it up some how.