VIDEO: Angry Birds Promoting Chrome Browser

This promotional spot for the Google Chrome browser appeared Monday night during a commercial break of Terra Nova on FOX. It features the developers of Angry Birds -- Serdar, Jaakko and an angry-looking Peter -- represented by their in-game counterparts. Naturally Peter talks about the benefits of using Chrome as a developer -- the Chrome Web Store, auto-updates, WebGL, the framerate capabilities -- but eventually gives up after constant interruptions form the other two.

"Are you angry, Peter?" Jaakko asks. "You look angry."

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  • wintermint
    Angry Bird still hasn't run dried? People be milking from it far too much.
  • ichihaifu
    I hope this will encourage all of those old grannies and other "know-nothings" to move from IE 6 to Chrome.
  • marraco
    Stuck on Firefox 7, and still not installed.