T-Mobile Letting Sidekick Users Break Contracts

A post on Giz tells the story of one reader who, having experienced the recent Sidekick-apocalypse first-hand, called T-Mobile to see what his options were. Here's what Gizmodo's source was offered by the T-Mobile agent:

• I'm released from the contract if I want (Yeesh, of course I better be. I can't believe I had to ask).
• I can get a G1 for $129 (not sure if that's the normal contract renewal pricing or not; doesn't sound like a great deal to me).
• They also suggested Blackberries etc, but I didn't get the pricing (since those are design disasters compared to SK or iPhone).

Now, earlier on T-Mobile released a statement saying they might be able to get some of the data back. For customers who felt the harsh realities of permanent data loss, T-Mobile was offering a $100 giftcard and a month of free service. Naturally there are some users who aren't satisfied and say the compensation isn't good enough.

If you were a Sidekick user and had just lost all of your photos, emails, text messages, to-do lists, contacts etc., which would you prefer? A hundred bucks and a free month of service or a clean break from your network provider, giving you the option to take your custom elsewhere? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!

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  • I think the customer should be given the $100 gift card regardless if they stay on as customers or not.
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  • I think the customer should be given the $100 gift card regardless if they stay on as customers or not.
  • It's good T-Mobile is allowing people out of their contracts. After all, how can you claim a service contract is valid when you failed to provide any service?

    However, this wasn't T-Mobile's fault past the fact that they trusted Danger (and Microsoft) with the management of the data servers. I would stick to T-Mobile, but definitely not with the Sidekick. Try a G1, MyTouch, or even a BlackBerry, and avoid the cloud.

    That said, even Google and RIM could screw-up, and cause a loss of data due to a failed synch or something similar, no modern technology is safe from idiocy. Always keep your own backups (if possible) of anything you consider valuable.