Up Close With the Xclio 1000 Case

We know the Xclio 1000 has been on the market for quite a while (it currently retails for $200 over at NewEgg), but this was our chance to see the case with a fetish for fans up close.

Or was it? The Xclio reps at the company's COMPUTEX 2010 booth were for some reason a bit hesitant to open up the case, so we didn't push it, but we can tell that from the front, the Xclio 1000 looks like the engine array of a starship. Three fans on front, three more on the side, and two on top promise a good amount of airflow for the components inside. The 3.5-inch mounts are directly behind the front fans, all on rails to facilitate installation (the front fans and their filters swivel open individually).

For buyers who want to add even more fans, there are two more spaces on the rear that accept 120 and 140 mm system fans. Unfortunately the fans that are preinstalled on the case are of a non-standard size (180 mm), so it might be hard to locate replacements if the fans break down—a common occurrence according to user reviews on NewEgg.

One more thing: just where do you install that optical drive?

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  • DXRick
    A true fanboy case! :)
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  • DXRick
    A true fanboy case! :)
  • Parsian
    it looks cool but i think they are emphasizing more fans than u need :S
  • ohim
    imagine the noise ...