Alphacool Announces 'Eiszapfen' Quick Connect Couplings

Water cooling is a popular way for PC enthusiasts to cool their systems. The extra cooling capacity of liquid cooling often allows for more aggressive overclocking, and a custom open-loop water cooling system can be made into a work of art, but when you need to swap out a component, they can be a real hassle. Alphacool’s new Eiszapfen Quick Connect Couplings are meant to eliminate the need to drain your whole loop for a single component swap.

The Eiszapfen Quick Connect Couplings are the latest entry to Alphacool’s premium “Eis” series. The company said these premium quick connects are designed to be “used everywhere where expandability, flexibility and cleanness play an important role.” They feature G1/4 threading on each end, so you can add any standard fitting of your choice.

Aphacool also said that many quick disconnects restrict flow rate, but the Eiszapfen are designed to offer a high flow rate. The company has also implemented N.D.S.L. Technology (no drip, no splash, no leak) into the Eiszapfen Quick Connect Couplings, which boast a double O-ring seal and a lockout that prevents fluid from escaping.

The Alphacool Eiszapfen Quick Connect Couplings are sold in two different finishes, chrome and deep black, and they're available through the Aquatuning website for $23.10.

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  • Gam3r01
    Just looks like a modified 1/4" air coupler for air compressors.
  • kcarbotte
    Anonymous said:
    Just looks like a modified 1/4" air coupler for air compressors.

    It's definitely very similar.
  • kyle382
    $23 lol. Basic $3 connectors ftw.