QOTD: What Did You Get/Give For Christmas?

Ah Christmas, it's the time for giving – and receiving! Yes, yes, I know that there's a lot more to Christmas than just presents, but our capitalistic society has made us focus a lot on gift giving.

While that may detract from the true spirit of Christmas, we're all consumers here and we love new shiny things.

So tell us, dear readers, what did you get for Christmas? What was the coolest gift that you had the pleasure of giving to someone?

It doesn't even have to be tech-related, so please share with us in the comments below!

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  • socks...
  • My 93 year old grandmother whose health is failing and is having trouble with her memory lately.

    I came across a beautiful old world tea cup & saucer in perfect condition, no chips or anything. It had an official seal on the bottom plus a hand painted serial number. It was Tuscan Fine English Bone China. It had 24K gold trim with Oranges, Orange leaves & blossoms on it.

    Looking at it, I couldn't help but feel that my Grandmother would love it and that it would bring back memories of her years in Florida. I wrapped it up carefully and placed it in a beautiful gold filigree tin with a striped ribbon around the it.

    She Loved the Tea cup more than anything, saying she never owned a tea cup before. The tin, she placed that on her stand and every so often, she'll say that she wonders what's inside of it, forgetting that she already said that previously.

    But I'm glad that my gift made her happy in the remaining time that she has left.
  • Santa came early in an UPS delivery truck w/ my Radeon HD 5870
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  • G35 headset and a nice looking mechanical relic watch from my gf. While i got her a bullhorn and several books.
  • blackberry 9700
  • My 1yo got a box of wooden blocks, just squares triangles and circles - that is the coolest gift she ever got :-)