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EKWB Unleashes EVGA GTX 780 Classified Water Block

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EKWB has released its water block for EVGA's GTX 780 Classified.

EKWB has announced yet another water block for a GTX 780 graphics card, though not one for reference cards. This block, which is to be known as the EK-FC780 GTX Classy, is built specifically for EVGA's GTX 780 Classified, indeed making it a very classy block.

The water block, just like most other graphics card water blocks that EKWB produces, covers the card's GPU, memory, and VRM circuitry. It also features the renown high-flow design, meaning that it can be used in systems with weaker pumps or more complicated, longer loops without getting too much in the way of water flow.

As with every release from EKWB, the cards are already available for order through the online webshop, though unlike other releases, EKWB has decided to release this card in only one design -- a nickel-plated copper block with an acetal top. The block retails for $143.67, and the backplate can be bought for $35.77.

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    HKILLER , October 18, 2013 11:33 AM
    doesn't the classified has it's own water block?