UK Gov't Doesn't Want You Using Google Glass While Driving

With the likes of Google Glass and an abundance of smart watches set for availability in the next year or so, it seems wearable technology is set to be the next big thing. However, it seems the UK government is eager to keep your mind on the road, and that means you can't be using your Google Glass while you're driving.

Stuff reports that the Department for Transport has already taken steps to ban Google Glass while driving. Though the device has not yet launched in the United Kingdom, the DfT is hoping to avoid any potential for distraction on the roads. The government told Stuff that it was in talks with police regarding the issue.

"We are aware of the impending rollout of Google Glass and are in discussion with the Police to ensure that individuals do not use this technology while driving," a DfT spokesperson is quoted as saying. It is important that drivers give their full attention to the road when they are behind the wheel and do not behave in a way that stops them from observing what is happening on the road."

Google Glass is currently only available via the company's Explorer program, which means there isn't a whole lot of people wandering the streets (or the roads) with the high-tech goggles on. The technology won't be ready for the mass market until next year, but don't be surprised if we see some regulation about using it on the road before then. While you could say that Google Glass is hands free, the unit throws all kinds of visuals into your field of vision when in use, so it's hard to argue that it's not a distraction.

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  • amuffin
    Anyone in their right mind would take them off before driving. UNLESS...
  • CrArC
    Welp, there goes my dream of a vehicle HUD with tach, speed and sat nav.

    Stupid people ruining it for the rest of us again. -_-
  • halcyon
    I see it both ways. Can understand the nanny-state and can understand how there could be some twisted, fun, or informative use for it wherever you are. Personally, I don't think it would impact my driving...but I may just be being arrogant.