Grand Theft Auto IV Leaked Online

Rockstar’s highly anticipated shooting and stealing game, Grand Theft Auto IV, was released today online through both scene servers and torrent sites. A group called iCON announced its release, with an nfo posted on scene news site According to iCON, players who decide to source out and download the leak will have to keep in mind that the game is currently a PAL release as well as not being region free. iCON did not indicate whether or not an NTSC release was coming.

The official game is due within a week, and iCON warns that if the GTAIV release is played, users should take their consoles offline or risk getting their units banned. After the official release however, things "should" be OK to reconnect.

According to iCON:

Setcha xbox live profiles to hide your games list from dirty little spys. or skip online till next monday. otherwise you might get banned for playing this bitch early.

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  • SvenBoogie
  • Slobogob
    And it's the xbox version too. I guess software piracy on the PC is overrated.
  • NuclearShadow
    Funny how you forget to mention the group says in the nfo to buy the game because its worth it.