35 Billion iOS Apps Downloaded, 100 Million iPad Units Sold

During the media event it used to unveil the iPad Mini and the iPad 4, Apple revealed several intriguing facts regarding apps, iOS and its other products.

Sales of the new fifth-generation iPod Touch now stand at more than three million. Apple CEO Tim Cook also confirmed that over 200 million devices are now running iOS 6. He stressed that it's the fastest software adoption rate in history that he currently knows of.

Elsewhere, the number of iMessages sent is 300 billion. iDevice owners are sending an accumulative of 28,000 messages per second.

As for apps, 35 billion of them have been downloaded since the App Store's inception. Game Center accounts, meanwhile, stand at 16 million, while there's 275,000 apps compatible with the iPad. Other facts tossed to reporters at today's event include:

  • $6.5 billion paid to developers.
  • 400 million books downloaded from iBooks.
  • 100 million iPad units sold in two and a half years.
  • 2,500 U.S. classrooms with iBooks textbooks via iPad.
  • 94% of Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying iPad.

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  • applerocks
    Yes, its just iSheep, keep repeating that if it makes you feel good.
  • LightningStryk17
    in b4 Apple hate... oh never mind
  • tburns1
    This isn't really tech news about gadgetry, or updates, or cool ideas, is it? No, this is about money and saturation of the cult known as Apple. Yes, we know Apple does great. Kudos to their marketing. From what I gather, most posters here are PC and Android aficionados, and could care less about this info. This is apple fanboism, pure and simple.