iPad Hacked to Show Jailbreak is Possible

The act of jailbreaking an Apple mobile device frees the user to install the apps that he or she wants without requiring Apple's approval into the App Store. Jailbreaking has been around since the very first iPhone, and now hackers have given good reason to believe that it'll be continuing on the iPad as well.

Check out this proof video below showing root access into the iPad.

iPad Hacked to Show Jailbreak is Possible

Late last month, iPhone hacker Geohot exposed a new untethered jailbreak hack on the iPhone that he claims will also work on the iPad. With so many hackers working on Apple's new gadget, it'll only be a matter of time.

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  • jonpaul37
    7 Apple product articles in a row, beginning to think that maybe the April Fools joke was indeed not a joke at all... If i find myself tempted to buy an iPad, i blame Tom's!
  • keither5150
    I agree,

    Enough about the big itouch.

    I usually come here to read about the latest hardware... motherboards, video cards etc. Now I have to sift through a whole bunch of Apple nonsense to find anything of value to me.

    Please stop using the word intuitive in your articles.

    I really think that anyone that uses the word intuitive is not playing with a full deck.

    Intuitive means “perceiving by intuition”. One definition of intuition is “direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension.”

    The use of this word when describing an electronic device is comical.

    Most hardware enthusiasts are rolling their eyes patiently waiting for this hype to die down.

    Please no more. Anymore and you may have to change your site to


    Don't worry about banning me..... I am banning myself for life.

    Apple's marketing targets those who are independent of any reasoning process.
  • blasterth
    7 in a row!
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  • czar1020
  • chess
    what is he exactly doing? looks cool but I can SO type faster than him!
  • blasterth
    7 in a row!