ISSCC: Organic Processor Demonstrated

Compared to Intel's and AMD's processing monsters, this 8-bit is nothing spectacular as far as pure performance is concerned. However, the organic chip includes three programmable registers and can run basic operations such as additions, subtractions, counters and shifters. There is a separate "instruction foil", which holds the hardcoded program the chip runs.

According to, the processor has 3381 organic transistors, which surpasses Intel's 4-bit 4004 processor, which as released in 1971 and considered to be the first complete CPU on a single chip. The 4004 had about 2300 transistors. Its successor, the 8-bit 8008 had about 3500 transistors. Imec said that its processor runs at 6 MHz (The 4004 ran at 0.74 MHz) at 10 Volts. It consumes about  92 μW.

There was no information when such a processor could become commercially available.

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  • wiyosaya
    Someday, things like this will be on the market. Now, though, they are novelty items.
  • nebun
    are we going backwards?
  • pocketdrummer
    10 volts for the processor!?
    I'm only running 1.16-1.2v on my i7-920...

    PS, the THW login system SUCKS!!!!!!! please fix it so it can save the bloody password.