Silverstone Builds 180-mm Deep 1500 W Power Supply

Silverstone is announcing a new power supply – the ST1500-GS. This is the highest-wattage Strider Gold S power supply to date, and it is also the smallest fully-modular unit on the market with the given wattage.

The power supply is built using a single powerful 12 V rail, which is capable of delivering up to 120 A, or 1440 W of power. The 3.3 V and 5 V rails combined can push up to 150 W. Silverstone rates the PSU at 1500 W continuous, with peak power set at 1600 W. Cooling is provided by a single 135 mm fan, which makes between 18 and 34 dBA of noise. Despite not having a partially fanless mode, the fan does remain at its minimum speed until just over 50 percent load, so you'll have to work the PSU quite hard before it gets noisy.

About the size: The PSU itself is fully modular and only 180 mm deep. That might seem big, and there are certainly smaller PSUs, but at this wattage Silverstone claims that it is the shortest fully-modular unit. This is an interesting product, then, as some cases simply don't fit those 220 mm long PSUs, yet they're able to house enough hardware to draw just shy of 1500 W of power. Granted, the market for those applications is small, but it certainly exists.

Included with the power supply is a flat cable set, which will make cable routing a little neater than bulky sleeved cables will, if done right.

Pricing for the power supply is set at $346.66 (excluding taxes), with availability set for August 20.

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  • Onus
    Did Silverstone build this, or is it a Seasonic, Flextronics, or something else?
  • SR-71 Blackbird
    Sorry it's not a Super Flower Leadex.
  • Au_equus
    Silverstone's strider gold s series are typically made by Enhance.