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Rosewill R5

Four More Sub-$100 Cases For Your Gaming Build, Reviewed

For $5 more than the Ostrog GT, Rosewill’s R5 offers 2.5” SSD mounting holes on all six of its 3.5” hard drive trays, along with a triple-fan speed controller and rubber grommets on all of its cable access holes. Those additions sound like a bargain to us.

Even more value-added functionality is found in the R5’s removable face and top vents, which cover two 120 mm intake fans and two 120/140 mm empty fan mounts. The R5 lacks room above the motherboard to stack a radiator with those optional fans, but determined builders can probably remove some braces from the top cover to fit it over a pair of externally-mounted fans.

The R5 supports eSATA, so its SATA cable adds to the bundle. Messier wired-in adapters are left off however.

The R5’s USB 3.0 ports are adaptable to a USB 2.0 header through an included adapter. The installation kit also includes a 5.25”-to-3.5” front bay adapter.

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