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Installing Enermax's ELC120

Four More Closed-Loop Liquid Coolers Take On The NH-D14

Like with Corsair's H90, we moved our case’s stock exhaust fan to the top panel in order to make room for the ELC120’s radiator and fans.

The easiest way we found to install the ELC120’s head was to first attach its bracket loosely, and then insert the cooler’s base between the grooves and twist to lock.

After twisting the cooler head to engage its installation bracket tabs, we tightened the spring-loaded screws. This particular sample gave us a little more spring pressure than the previously-tested ELC240, so we didn’t need to add spacers.

The radiator and fan assembly’s enormous 3.25” thickness eclipses the back of our motherboard, completely hiding two of its DIMM slots. Fortunately, this 120 mm-fan radiator is short enough to allow full access to the case’s top expansion card slot.

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