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Android - Page 5


Google’s Android operating system powers everything from Smartphones to Tablets to Netbooks. Tom’s Hardware is dedicated to getting all of the latest devices, testing them, and passing along our impressions to make you a more informed shopper.

news - JANUARY 7 5

Meizu's MX3 is finally coming to the USA.

news - JANUARY 6 8

Asus lifts the lid on three more phones.

news - JANUARY 3 10

The age of the affordable Android smartphone is upon us with the Archos Helium.

news - JANUARY 2 6

Alongside the new flagship Vibe Z, and the S650 and S930, Lenovo today announced the A859, a self-described 'tweener' phone.

news - JANUARY 2 5

Alongside the flagship Vibe Z, Lenovo also announced two new S-series smartphones, the S650 and the S930.

news - JANUARY 2 2

Lenovo's got a new flagship smartphone.

news - DECEMBER 29 15

BlackBerry's CEO seems keen on the idea of bringing more services to Android, iOS.

news - DECEMBER 23 8

'Tis the season for NFC.

news - DECEMBER 21 12

Are you ready for CyanogenMod out of the box?

news - DECEMBER 16 6

LG launches the LG Gx in Korea.

news - DECEMBER 12 8

Android Device Manager is now available in app form.

news - DECEMBER 11 9

But will Microsoft let it happen?

news - DECEMBER 11 5

Dreaming of a white Nexus?

news - DECEMBER 10 1

The Galaxy Grand Lite would fill an international spot between the older Grand and the pending Grand 2.

news - DECEMBER 6 2

Gaming on the go with the Moga Ace Power.

news - DECEMBER 5 3

Google's Andy Rubin is on a mission to bring us more droids.

news - DECEMBER 5 12

LG's G Flex could be available before you know it.

news - DECEMBER 3 5

Oppo to Launch 5.9-inch N1 Internationally on December 10 for $599.

news - DECEMBER 3 12

Android KitKat marketshare is already creeping up.

news - DECEMBER 3 33

No swearing or talking about geeks!

news - NOVEMBER 28 17

We compare the GameStick Android console with the OUYA.

news - NOVEMBER 20 9

How durable is the LG G Flex when it comes to everyday wear and tear?

news - NOVEMBER 17 15

Why have one screen when you can have two?

news - NOVEMBER 14 7

Looks like the UK is among the first to get the new Moto G.

news - NOVEMBER 13 26

The Moto G is available today in select markets but won't arrive in the United States until January.

news - NOVEMBER 13 3

The Vibe Z will be available internationally, but it's not clear when.