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Galaxy S


The Galaxy S is a line of Premiere smartphones produced by Samsung. It's powerful hardware and innovate software have made it one of the most popular smartphone brands on the market. Tom's Hardware has the latest news and reviews for each of the phones in the Galaxy S line.

news - APRIL 30 9

Looking at Samsung's 2014 Galaxy phones side-by-side.

news - APRIL 11 2

Samsung's Galaxy S5 is finally available to buy, a month after it's unveiling.

Galaxy S on the Community

Galaxy S experts answer your questions

news - APRIL 2 18

We have the Galaxy S5 and are putting it through its paces. Here are some early results from our testing.

news - APRIL 1 18

Samsung's Android 4.4 update for the Galaxy S4 introduces aggressive CPU throttling.

news - APRIL 1 5

Futuremark re-lists Galaxy S4 numbers in its benchmark database.

news - MARCH 26 27

How do these two flagship phones stack up against each other?

news - FEBRUARY 25 9

The Samsung Galaxy S5 features a biometric fingerprint reader on the home button, and here's how it works.

news - FEBRUARY 24 26

Samsung's Galaxy S5 launch is just six weeks away.

news - DECEMBER 19 3

A new color for a new year.

news - DECEMBER 9 46

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a smokin' phone

news - NOVEMBER 19 37

Yet more rumors of Samsung's as-yet-unconfirmed Galaxy S5 smartphone.

news - NOVEMBER 10 36

Rumors about the specs for Samsung's Galaxy S5 are heating up following the company's Analyst Day.

news - NOVEMBER 5 8

The Android 4.3 update is rolling out around the world.

news - OCTOBER 18 10

Samsung's flagship Galaxy smartphone is having battery issues.

news - OCTOBER 17 11

The Galaxy Round may be even harder to get than we first thought.

news - OCTOBER 14 16

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, BANANAPHONE!

news - SEPTEMBER 25 41

It's all about the bling bling!

news - JULY 30 3

Blue GS4 variant hits the United Kingdom.

news - JULY 10 6

A water-resistant phone just in time for beach weather.

news - JUNE 27 7

Good things come in small packages.