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Servers - Page 7


Servers provide the reliability and power necessary to handle many users at once. Tom’s Hardware can help you find the server technology to fit your needs, from modest SOHO servers to “big iron.”

news - JULY 13 46

IT professionals may carry a great amount of power, but with great power comes great responsibility.

news - JULY 13 11

Microsoft's is introducing an Azure "appliance" that will first be used publicly by eBay, and sold by the likes of Dell and HP.

news - JUNE 24 17

The next-gen of Intel SSDs using 25nm flash are coming later this year.

news - JUNE 24 11

Fancy name for a storage device.

news - JUNE 10 30

How about a PlayStation 3 bundle for your old man?

reviews - JUNE 8 2

With its latest announcements of XenServer-related products, Citrix has strengthened its ability to provide more capable disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity services using its server virtualization...

news - JUNE 1 42

HP has announced an expensive restructuring plan that will see 9,000 people lose their jobs.

news - MAY 25 56

That's a lot more cores than we've got right now in our systems.

news - MAY 14 67

There were a lot of unhappy people when Sony disabled Linux support on the PS3 and it seems among them was one of Sony's biggest customers: The United States Air Force.

news - MAY 10 45

The more cores, the more hardcore.

news - MAY 4 4

This diskless NAS is datacenter and cloud-ready.

news - APRIL 30 24

New SSDs geared for high-end gaming, medical imaging, and more.

news - APRIL 29 18

ARM CEO Warren East said that ARM-based servers should appear in 2011.

news - APRIL 28 30

Microsoft today showed off a little sneak peek of the next version of Windows Home Server.

news - APRIL 27 6

HP's new theme for its Integrity line of servers is blade-based.

news - APRIL 22 3

Sounds like many HP Integrity servers will get a new chassis after living in the same box for seven years.

news - APRIL 22 6

The cheapest server this outlet provides starts at $1324.74.

news - APRIL 9 7

Dell is moving beyond the box, offering two cloud computing solutions.

news - APRIL 9 5

Fujitsu is changing the way servers exhale with its new Primergy CX1000 server.

news - APRIL 9 1

Stacking five together provides data centers 80 TB of storage.

news - APRIL 9 46

Ford going green to save some green.

news - APRIL 9 11

Could Windows do battle with Linux in the high performance category, and win?

news - APRIL 9 39

Someday, these could be Skynet.

news - APRIL 8 4

New Unisys servers will support the latest Intel Xeon processors.

news - APRIL 8 4

IBM plans to release two new integrated systems for large-scale data analysis.

news - APRIL 8 18

Only six percent of Itanium systems run Microsoft Windows.