Deriving The Most Holiday Gaming Cheer Depends On Having Authentic HDMI® Products

People Gaming at Christmas
(Image credit: HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc.)

Once again gaming—whether on PCs or game consoles—is shaping up to be a top item on many holiday wish lists—and for good reason. 

Gaming tech like televisions with built-in features to enhance the gaming experience, such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and support for 4K@120Hz--all supported as part of the HDMI® 2.1b Specification, gaming monitors with those features and other products ensure the utmost enjoyment for gamers seeking the pinnacle of performance.

Graphics cards with powerful GPUs for PCs, gaming laptops and handheld alternatives, such as the Samsung Z Fold4 and Microsoft Surface Duo 2, also are giving holiday shoppers looking to improve their gaming experience something to think about before shopping online or in a store.

While all of this is good news for holiday shoppers, there’s one other bright spot holiday shoppers should not ignore: The supply chain problems stemming from the pandemic are largely a thing of the past, meaning shoppers don’t have to defer their purchases and wonder when the tech they want will finally arrive.

But before dreaming of the latest gaming console, gaming TV or game like some dancing sugarplum in a holiday vision, gaming enthusiasts should beware. There’s a Grinch lurking that could make away with their holiday gaming enjoyment.

Unlicensed HDMI® knockoffs can stand in the way of all that anticipated gaming fun. For instance, pirated HDMI® cables masquerading as HDMI 2.1b compliant Ultra High Speed HDMI® Cables can perform poorly, making it difficult or even impossible to enjoy a new system.

What’s worse, they can even lead frustrated consumers to throw in the towel on each piece of a new system—a gaming TV, console and cable—simply because the pirated HDMI cable is incapable of proper function.

Besides unnecessary problems and product returns, unlicensed HDMI products can pose a fire risk or even expose gamers and those nearby to toxic substances used in their manufacture.

Fortunately, HDMI® Licensing Administrator Inc. (HDMI LA) has taken a series of steps to make it easy for consumers to ensure the cables they are buying are authentic. Shoppers looking for the highest speed HDMI cables should examine the cable’s packaging for the Ultra High Speed HDMI Certification Label, which ensures cables are compliant with the HDMI® 2.1b Specification. They will also find the words “Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable” printed on the cable itself. A similar program guarantees the authenticity of Premium High Speed HDMI cables.

Making sure authentic HDMI products are under the tree this year will protect gamers from the unpleasant surprises of the Grinch. Not only will it head off the problems associated with pirated products and unwanted returns, it also will sidestep the disappointment of unfulfilled holiday expectations.

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  • setx
    This article somehow fails to mention that the best way of protecting your "Holiday Gaming Cheer" is removing dependency on "Authentic HDMI® Products" and using open standards like DisplayPort and Type-C. No HDMI – no unpleasant surprises.