Raspberry Pi Projects Lets Neighbors Change Christmas Lights

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Ryder)

The Raspberry Pi continues to bring people together this year, this time through a festive display of interactive Christmas lights! This maker, known as Ryder, has created a Pi-controlled system of LEDs that anyone can change using a web browser.

The major components in this project consist of a Raspberry Pi 3B+, and multiple WS2811 LED strings.  

The Pi runs a custom interface on a Flask server. Users interact with the web server interface, triggering Python scripts on the Pi, which direct the LEDs to change based on the user input in real-time.

In addition to painting his house with LEDs, users can also choose from a few default settings like flickering lights and rainbow effects.

This is a really fun project for the holidays and definitely a creative way to interact with your neighbors. You can explore the full post on Reddit for more details and follow Ryder on his official YouTube channel, Ryder Calm Down, for updates. If you want to see more cool Raspberry Pi creations, check out our monthly list of Best Raspberry Pi Projects.

Ash Hill
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