Report: ARM Processors to Reach 3 GHz by 2014

ARM manufacturers GlobalFoundries and the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) have revealed that they plan to release ARM processors capable of running at 3 GHz “sometime next year.” These new processors will utilize a new 20 nm manufacturing process that claims to offer better power efficiency and result in less battery drain for users. has speculated that the launch of more capable ARM processors may help to “stave off the recent incursion” of Intel’s Bay Trail processors that appear to be approximately 30 percent faster according to recent testing. The site also noted that AMD is currently developing an “ARM competitor” that is expected to be introduced next year.

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  • Giovanni-L
    Its the gigahertz war all over again, as it seems. My S. G. Note 2 is plenty fast as it is. I'm very satisfied by it. The money spent on it proved to be the right choice.
  • 06yfz450ridr
    now we need bigger batteries and a heatsink attached to it haha
  • processordesignman849238
    and as frequency goes up, power consumption goes much even faster... this move by arm will be to intel's advantage. people forget they're both competing with the same laws of physics, only with different R&D budgets and different manufacturing technologies (with intel's being vastly superior in cost/yield, volume, performance, and now(or very soon) power efficiency. ARM's one advantage is better power efficiency (because the chip simply doesn't do as much), so for simple devices it shines. as arm chips get more complex, and faster, intel's already optimized architectural virtues begin to shine, with a 22nm (this year) and 14nm (next year) process technology as ice cream on the cake.

    Can't wait till valleyview gets here this holiday season! Valleyview is more like a Core than an Atom processor. quad core x86 valleyview tablet will mark the beginning of the shift to true hybrid devices... and I actually might replace my laptop and tablet with a single device.