AT&T: True 4G Will Roll Out in 2013

AT&T's annual meeting with analysts saw the U.S. carrier stressing that it'll be "firing up" new "LTE Advanced" service across its network during the second half of 2013.

LTE Advanced is effectively 4G LTE but, well, more advanced. "AT&T's network strategy revolves around a simple 4G message that incorporates the company's vast HSPA+ and LTE networks that stretch over its entire footprint," the analysts wrote.

"The network strategy will involve mainly LTE networks and LTE Advanced networks, which AT&T will begin firing up in 2H13. These enhanced networks will provide faster speeds and coverage to its subscriber base, as well as open up growth opportunities in new segments."

AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel said the carrier is aiming to deploy LTE Advanced sometime next year, but refused to comment on the matter further.

The company, which has sold 6.4 million smartphones during the fourth quarter thus far, recently added six LTE markets to its wireless network, subsequently offering its service to 150 million consumers.

It had previously said it'll invest $14 billion in upgrading its network within a duration of three years. By the end of 2014, the firm plans to offer 4G LTE coverage to 300 million consumers.

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  • bak0n
    Nice. That means I can download my 200 MB limit for the entire month in seconds!
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  • Anonymous
    AT&T bashing begins in 3....2.....1.....go
  • cuecuemore
    So it turns out that LTE wasn't so...LT?
  • kdw75
    cuecuemoreSo it turns out that LTE wasn't so...LT?

    Yeah. Verizon started calling their 3G 4G and then ATT jumped on the bandwagon and did the same. Last time I looked the 4G standard called for 100Mbps download speed.