Lenovo Jumping on the Android Tablet Trend

Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo Group Limited announced Wednesday that it is currently working on a tablet that will use Google's Android mobile platform. Lenovo spokeswoman Wu Hwa said that it's using Android because the company want the device--currently dubbed as LePad--to compliment the LePhone smartphone which also uses the Android platform.

Currently the tablet is slated for a Q4 2010 release--roughly the same time period many PC manufacturers plan to ship tablets. However Wu made it clear that Lenovo hasn't set a solid launch date, and that the actual name may change before it goes retail.

Liu Jun, senior vice president for Lenovo Group and president for Lenovo Product Group, added to the announcement, saying that the LePad will "echo" the LePhone in functions like web browsing and email. The device is also seen as a crucial part of the company's overall mobile Internet strategy in a 3G era.

Both Hwa and Jun did not provide additional details regarding the upcoming tablet such as hardware specs and Android versions. More info should become available within the next few months.

Lenovo's LePhone--launched in China back in April--uses Android 2.1, and is expected to arrive in other "emerging" markets. Currently it's unknown if the LePad will also focus on the Chinese market.

  • Morgan3rd
    lepad... Actually has a ring to it.

    Pretty much zero chance I'm getting one though... Between a laptop, a smartphone, and a desktop, I'm covered unless I want a kindle.
  • mayne92
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but didn't M$ bash Android platform when it was first introduced?...and now watch it grow...
  • LePad!! LePhone!!!

  • scook9
    it is not really a mystery when it comes to Android hardware.....it will most likely be the same or very similar internals to the phone and just a bigger screen
  • blurr91
    LePad....sounds like a French feminine hygiene product.
  • mouettus
    blurr91LePad....sounds like a French feminine hygiene product.
    lol. I'm french (canadian) and that's the first thing that came to my mind as well! :P
  • wing2010
    Although many people say tablet is the future, personally I prefer a ultra-thin notebook which gives everything a tablet does but more...
  • lejay
    wing2010Although many people say tablet is the future, personally I prefer a ultra-thin notebook which gives everything a tablet does but more...
    They're not really going to be that distinct. Get a tablet with attachable keyboard and there you go... Or a netbook with detachable keyboard, if that's more your thing.

  • dEAne
    So in China what do they call a Lenovo?
    Chi novo?
  • welshmousepk
    Back by demand, you just made my night. :lol: