Bluetooth-Enabled Stickers Helps Find Lost Items

StickNFind is raising funds to in order to allow consumers to stick Bluetooth-enabled stickers on practically everything for straightforward retrieval. 

The stickers are equipped with Bluetooth low-energy technology, with its size equal to that of a quarter, while its weight is under an ounce.

A user has to slap a sticker on anything and then use the accompanying application to see where it's exactly located. Each tag features both sound and light that can be triggered separately.

The StickNFind app itself effectively operates as a radar or, alternatively, it can send users an alert when an item comes into range. In addition, it can also deliver a warning when an item goes out of range. Should the project be fully funded, the app will be available for both iOS and Android devices that supports Bluetooth Low Energy.

However, despite its intriguing premise, the app can only tell an item's proximity, not direction. Subsequently, users will have to walk around until the signal gets stronger. Another disadvantage is the fact that the stickers aren't waterproof.

Each sticker utilizes a replaceable watch battery, with the estimate battery life said to be a year with 30 minutes per day of average use.

StickNFind has a goal of $70,000 goal Indiegogo in order for the product to enter full production. Those interested can pledge $35 for two stickers, while the highest pledge level is $150 for 10 stickers. As it's flexible funding campaign, any money earned will go the company even if the goal isn't reached.

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  • Devoteicon
    Yeah, no one is gonna abuse this.
  • milkywayer
    also, $35 for two stickers is a lot. i'd consider buying this if it was like $10 for two.
  • assasin32
    I can see someone slapping one of these on their dogs collar once they laminate it or something to make it waterproof.

    Depending on the range and cheapness I can see myself buying a few just for laughs and hiding them inside my friends airsoft guns/gear when we go airsofting on a friends very large property (were talking several acres in the middle of nowhere) so I can get a proximetry alert to how close their are. Cheating FTW, just wonder how long it take before they catch on.
  • mrmez
    Cool story, bro.
  • nukemaster
    Never loose your TV remote again :)
    milkywayeralso, $35 for two stickers is a lot. i'd consider buying this if it was like $10 for two.Yeah, $35 to put a sticker on something that costs $20?
  • tacoslave
    JOSHSKORNYeah, $35 to put a sticker on something that costs $20?Two words "Car keys"
  • Hellbound
    I'm actually going to be purchasing this because I have a lot of computer equipment that has grown legs in the past.. This sort of thing can easily be hidden in a case, under psu - you name it.
  • joytech22
    tacoslaveTwo words "Car keys"
    Well, it would only be good if they came in keychain form.
    I expect a bluetooth device to be fairly fat especially with a watch battery inside it.
  • eklipz330
    100 feet? how sticky is it? i'd stick it everywhere