Chinese Tablet Maker May Sue Apple Over iPad

There's a lot of legal debates surround the name iPad and whether Apple should be allowed to use it at all. Given that Fujitsu applied for the trademark first and Mag-Tek actually owns it already, the fact that Apple has also applied for it makes the situation even messier.

However, Apple could have even bigger problems than a legal battle over a really lame and annoying name (remind me, why is everyone desperate to sell an 'iPad' anyway?); the company could soon come under fire for the design of the iPad tablet too.

PCWorld reports that Shenzhen Great Loong Brother Industrial started selling its P88 tablet last year and is not ruling out a lawsuit against Apple. A company representative named only as Wu said that despite the company being known for knock-off or 'shanzhai' phones, they were first with their tablet, which bears a striking resemblance to the iPad. "For this thing we are not shanzhai, because we were first," he said.

While the P88 and the iPad look alike, the former is a 10.2-inch Windows device and weighs considerably more than the iPad. It also has doesn't have the battery life that the iPad claims to have and is a lot thicker.

That said, the two devices both have screens with a large, black bezel and are touchscreen devices of a similar size.

Do you think Shenzhen Great Loong Brother Industrial has a case? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Major7up
    As much as I don't think that the iPad is a revolutionary product, I don't think the Chinese company has much of a case.
  • amd_guru
    This is total what the thing looks alike from the front but everything about them is pretty much different. Just another attempt from some random no name company to strike a settlement and get some $$
  • tat2demon
    How else it it supposed to look? I bet 99% of people that ever envisioned a tablet PC all imagined this look. I know I did about 10 years ago.
  • tenor77
    Nope no case. Form factor does not give them a case in the slightest.
    It's like GM suing Ford for making trucks.
  • gwolfman
    It also has doesn't have the battery life that...
    ..has doesn't have...?
  • mactruck
    No case. I can hardly tell a Dell from a Gateway from an HP laptop without the logo on the lid, but they don't sue eachother for stealing the idea of a portable computer that folds for easy carrying.
  • halcyonnn
    Um don't they both look like an oversized iPhone? It seems Apple could go after them for taking the look of their iPhone and making a tablet out of it. To flip tenor's analogy, it is not like you can make a Hotwheel that looks like a Ford F150 without getting the rights from Ford.

    To top that off, many of the smart phones seem to have a black bezel and chrome edge. It would be nice if companies would all just make their stuff unique. That costs money though.
  • Zoonie
    So.. "Mr. Wu" is it? Ever heard of karma? :D
  • Have to agree about form factor same = no case but it'll be interesting to see how they get around the name issue. Apple could always change it from ipad to idud couldn't they. I'm sure that name would be free.
  • XD_dued
    a real OS seems to make it much more practical to me...