UK to Spend £2 Million On Cyber Crime Center

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has said the UK government will spend £2 million on the establishment of a cyber crime center. The BBC reports that this new center will tackle the issue of cyber crime, utilizing a network of eight universities already involved in the research of cyber crime.

Hague made the revelation while speaking to delegates at the Budapest Conference on Cyberspace. TechWeekEurope writes the Centre for Global Cyber-Security Capacity Building will rely on governments, researchers, think tanks and the private sector and will aid the UK in its effort to become a central aspect of international cyber crime coordination.

Hague emphasized the importance of nations working together to combat cyber crime. Indeed, the UK's cyber crime center will also be in a position to offer other countries assistance in dealing with issues relating to cyber crime. EU Foreign Affairs Chief, Baroness Ashton, was also present at the conference and said that the EU will release its own cyber security strategy in the coming months.

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  • memadmax
    The UK is a basket case for freedom... not like they had much... But it seems like they are heading head first to communism as fast as they can, believe it or not. All the signs of socialism are clearly there, all it takes is the next step...
  • hunshiki
    I totally agree with memadmax. First the surveillance boxes and the open surveillance plan, then the Twitter arrests, now this. UK will have the biggest internet censorship soon enough. (Which is quite sad.) Which is more sad, that the UK is a member of the European Union. I really don't like where this is going.
  • Pennanen
    Keep voting those same people over and over again, brits.

    This is what you get and what you deserve :)